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Energy Efficiency Financing Consulting Services


Meet NRG Answers Managing Partner:

W. Michael Hackett:

Based in Santa Barbara, CA., NRG Answers, LLC was

formed in 2011 by W. Michael (Mike) Hackett when

he identified both a need and an opportunity to

ameliorate delays in energy efficiency and renewable

energy projects caused by lack of access to capital. 

By integrating his 25-year legal background with his

business, energy management, solar and land-use

development experience, Mike has refined the

often-confusing process of navigating  tax incentives, rebates, and financing terms that impact the viability of energy efficiency upgrades and solar projects. He is skilled at negotiating the labyrinth of public program financing. 

After representing business and real estate development clients for many years, Mike has a thorough understanding of the design-build process, land use, and approval processes including funding resources essential to successful project completion.  

Through his networking and project management skills, Mike has developed relationships with professionals and resources to facilitate everything from initial project review, baseline assessment and planning, to financing options including rebates, for efficiency project implementation.

Well-versed in an array of financing options, Mike is an expert in publicaly financed programs offered by utility companies, such as On Bill Financing and the new On Bill Repayment financing programs.  OBF is a particularly attractive, low- cost method for commercial customers to use energy savings as the source of repayment. 

Marketing Associate, Marylove Thralls

With an extensive career primarily focused in organizational communication, training, marketing, advertising/public relations, and special events management, Marylove provides NRG Answers with strategic marketing, event planning/implementation, and website/social media content including press releases, media alerts, and newsletters.